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Heavily based on Wolves Upon the Coast by Luke Gearing.

This is a hexcrawl detailing a 50x50 hex area, roughly analogous to the Sierra Nevada during what is referred to as the 'Wild West'.  It details the counties of Lucre, Blackrock, Canasta, Canterville,  San Raul, Kidd, Montebank, and Cibola; the mountain range known as the Sierra Verde; and much of the territories of Mariposa, Amarillo, and Tupelo around 2500 hexes, keyed and unkeyed. Additionally, there are 10 Lost Mines to discover. 

As areas are completed and uploaded, the price will increase to reflect this. Early purchasers will get updated for free - meaning if you like this, you're getting more for your money the earlier you buy in.

The map is updated alongside the content.

Please download the demo file below which details all of Cibola County for an idea of what you're getting. There is no art and layout is extremely simple.

The content assumes the use of In the Light of a Setting Sun.


CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorSivad's Sanctum
TagsHex Based, Hexcrawl, Historical, OSR, Western
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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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