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"Do you remember the joys of your childhood? Really remember them. If you’re anything like me, probably not. You remember their shadow. You remember the specter of them, and they haunt you. They kill you a little bit each day. This made me know them again, truly, and live anew.

- Joe DeSimone (@IHeartFargo)

"This fucks so hard." 

- Michael T. Lombardi (@TrebuchetOps)

Eight rooms filled with traps, death, despair, and knives. Fight madmen! Feed a Ghoul! Defeat a Sniveling Coward! For the Bastards. RPG system, although easily converted to any game.

Also includes a small hexmap of the surrounding area, a series of hooks to pull the party in, and a new character class for Bastards.!

16 pages, A6 sized.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Just ran this as a Halloween special one-shot this week and we had a blast with it! Now I have to get a physical copy along with the new seafaring adventure...


So FYI this adventure just got some attention on the ‘fear of a black dragon’ podcast sounds like a fun one with some cool art choices!



I was so grateful for Jason's and Tom's kind words! Easily a peak for me!


As it seems reviews remain invisible to those that might benefit from them on Itch, I'll repost my brief impressions here: 

I have run this module twice, each time as a one-shot using Trophy Gold. All players loved it, especially the riddle of the banquet and the encounter with the cowardly duke.

Interestingly, in the hexcrawl part, I put the whole map on the table so they could pick and choose where to go. Both groups went for the same three locations: the Gallows Hill, the witch's hut and the smugglers' bay.


Inspiring layout choices here!


This slaps so fuckin hard.

Layout, use of art, color, hexcrawl, dungeon map, prompt, and descriptions. This absolutely slams.


I really appreciate that, but I would have never come up with this if I hadn't read A Simple Dungeon. Micah's the real MVP here!