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Beween the years 1860 and 1900, many a cowpoke roamed the western frontiers. Bloody gunfights, tragic duels, and harsh winters claimed countless lives during this period. A cowpoke had to be crafty in order to survive out in the wilderness; they needed all at their disposal in order to deal with the outlaws, bounty hunters, and wildlife which called that no-man's land home. 

Based on Nate Treme's impeccable In the Light of a Ghost Star, In the Light of a Setting Sun promises gunslinging action in a small and easily transportable pamphlet. Hit the open trail with your posse and see what trouble you can stir up with this simple and easy to read ruleset! 


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In the Light of a Setting Sun.pdf 796 kB
Fearsome Critters and Wandering Dudes.pdf 641 kB
The Bad Town of Black Tongue.pdf 468 kB
ILSS Character Sheet.pdf 305 kB

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In the pamphlet it states HP = IRNd6.  Is this saying that HP is equal to your IRN score (3d6) multiplied by d6?  So on average a player would have about 37 hp?


I purposefully made the rules for Dueling vague so judges would be able to make their own interpretations and judgments. Myself, I determine it to be a 50/50 shot whether an opponent is merely wounded, or killed outright. This makes Dueling as scary as I imagine it to be, as this means a player gambles with the life of their cowpoke with every confrontation. Writing about this now, I can't help but imagine making this into a tournament bracket con game where players face off in Duel after Duel, leaving one cowpoke to reap the rewards and the carnage.