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In the Light of a Setting Sun: Saddlebag Edition is a compilation and expansion of the three original pamphlets released in the summer of 2019. Though a complete system within itself, the three original pamphlets were rudimentary and left a lot to be interpreted by the game’s judge. Saddlebag Edition seeks to expand upon certain mechanics - while introducing others - in order to make the judge’s role that much easier.

In the Light of a Setting Sun is a game of wild west adventure set between the years 1850 and 1900 upon the western frontier. Players will create and control a cowpoke eking out an existence on the open range, facing any obstacles and opponents sent their way by the game’s judge. Through play cowpokes may grow to become larger-than-life figures, finding themselves in ever-escalating adventures and scenarios. What awaits them at the trail’s end is left for the judge to decide.


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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In the Light of a Setting Sun 4 MB
Setting Sun Reference Card 56 kB
Cowpoke Sheet 38 kB

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